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This is the third and final installment of the Heavycraft saga. Defector was recorded at the legendary Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, MN.


released July 7, 2017

Recorded and mixed at Pachyderm Studios by Nick Tveitbakk. Additional piano engineering on "They Came at Night" By Dan Bobek of Bee Sound. "They Came At Night" Vocal recordings and mixing by Jeremy Jacobs. Mastering and Art/design by Jacob Willenborg.



all rights reserved


HEAVYCRAFT Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"The HEAVYCRAFT has landed..."

Power trio of atomic supermen have begun staging their hostile takeover of the midwest. Armed with thick riffs, heavy tones, and pounding drums, HEAVYCRAFT seek world domination...

Heavycraft are:
Jeej - Guitars
Deeb - Drums
Mozz - Bass
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Track Name: They Came At Night
Lie awake/
Fear can't shake/
Ah, they came at night/
Pray for morning light/
Eyes on me/
Bound, I see/
Ah, they came at night/
Pray for morning light
Track Name: UFO
Gentlemen, we are gathered here today/
To discuss what you think you might have seen/
Those flashing lights so far away/
The feeling nothing's as it seems/
Something in my skin/
I can't get it out/
See them in my dreams/
I feel like I just can't live without/
Tell me who you are/
What it means to me/
Tell me what it is, we were not supposed to see/
Tell me what they've done, what they did to me/
Tell me what it is, and why won't you set me free/
Thank you for your full cooperation/
At this time your request can not be met/
We have launched a full investigation/
Under orders from your government/
I don't trust a word/
Anything you say/
Something in the sky/
Picked me up and took me far away
Track Name: Codebreaker
Thirteenth step, hand-in-hand
Descending into unknown land/
We gave it away, nobody has to know
Gave it away, it only cost our soul/
Sign your name right here today/
Go and give it away/
We ain't got much left to take/
Go and give it away/
Sign your name right here today/
Go and give it away, it don't last for long/
Profiteer in a house of guilded gold
The greatest lie's the one that's never told/
We gave it away, nobody has to know
What do you say, it only cost your soul/
Thirteenth step, hand-in hand
Descending into unknown land/
We gave it away, nobody has to know
What do you say, it only cost you soul
Track Name: Means To An End
I need to find escape/
In another mind.
These times are too severe/
I can’t unwind.
What’s the solution?
Impassioned words I hear/
Motivate my hate.
You speak right to my fears/
I do relate.
I want to know you/
I want to trust you.
Are we forever bound/
Am I just a clown?
Is this the ending now/
Can I stick around?
If I get too high/
Do you cut me down to size?
Are you my new best friend/
Am I just a means to an end?
I think I lost my way/
Spun out of control.
Gaslighting everything/
You broke my soul.
I thought I knew you.
Ten thousand ugly lies/
Took over my head.
But you diffused my pain/
How to defend?
I thought I knew you/
Still want to trust you.
Please God/
Help me.
Track Name: Kessel Run
Think of all the times you never left me far behind, I kept a tally in my mind for all these years/
Now we meet again and baby how've you been? I missed a lot while you were gone, but now I'm finally here/
Let's make our way to higher ground and look around for something new/
Take the new day, embrace the sound of what we found and change our tune/
Make a new impression in the sand until it's swept away again, and we are pulled in by the waves/
I looked at you and said we've got it where it counts, kid don't you know we won't get there by playing safe?/
Track Name: Dead Beat
Another day on repeat/
Soaking in to his bed in relief.
She’s out alone/
To build a better life and home; ain’t easy.
He blinks again/
Nothing good comes or goes in his head.
She’s out alone/
Will she ever let him go; does she see?
You’re in love with a deadbeat/
Try to end it on the phone but he’s asleep.
You’re in love with a deadbeat/
Think you might let him go but he won’t leave.
Another day on repeat/
Stoned to the bone again; he’s feeling.
She’s had enough/
Dragging him around all day, she’s leaving.
He blinks again/
Nothing good comes or goes in his head.
She’s had enough/
Will she finally let him go; does she see?
Track Name: Fork And Spoon
For forty days and forty nights, I waited for you/
With just enough substance to make it through/
It's hard to see when the lights go dark/
There's nowhere for your brain to park/
What's gotten into you?/
Don't let me out, I might slide away/
The night is filled with danger, but we can't survive the day/
Forked tongue, Fork knife, A fork and spoon/
You'll know my evil presence soon/
It only takes a tiny bite/
You say you won't but you just might/
What's gotten into you?/